Sunday, June 22, 2014

New Forge and a Few Projects

I am poor. This, I think, is clear if you have been reading my blog for any duration. Thus, having no more coal from last year's purchase, I am unable to buy more coal. What does this mean for me?

Time to build a new forge!!!!

I want to burn wood now, so the old coal firepot will not work, nor will the wooden frame of my old forge stand up to the radiant heat of the old forge. So, its time to build.

But, as I said, I am poor. So I had to use brute force and ingenuity to finagle a funky woodsman forge together. We had a downed lealand cypress tree, downed in the ice storms. I saw the straight wood and knew what I would do. I cut them to equal lengths, then build a log cabin out of them. This I filled with dirt, and then build a side blast forge on top of it. But, enough description, on to the photographic evidence!

The forge, fired by the ole' Champion 400. It goes from a 2 inch outlet to a 7/8" pipe, fed horizontally into the fire. I like the side blast better.

My heat shield so that my backside doesn't fry. This thing puts out HEAT! 

See what I mean? Hot hot HOT! On just Charcoal, too! 

I actually like it better than coal for a few reasons. Its hotter in my opinion, and easier to deal with. Plus, with this forge, no chance of cracking anything with over-watering a hot forge! 

This is as hot as it gets, which is welding and beyond. 

Now, to showcase my crude projects for the day. I want to brave the world of forge-welding, and so, in preparation for it, I made myself a flux spoon! It's not the most beautiful tool in the world, but for my first time hitting metal again, I think its pretty good. I'm glad to have scraps around.  

I then did some more delicate work, practicing my scroll work and punching. I made this door-pull for our chicken run. 

There's them cluckers in the background! Now we can open the gate with ease! 

Top detail

Bottom Detail

And, that's my hand. 

I thought I'd throw in a video of me hammering. Nothing special, just something to pass the time! 

Ah, its great to be forging once more! 

As always, Happy Hammering and God Bless! 

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