Monday, August 12, 2013


Flowers! Springtime teems with them; women love them; they smell good and attract flutterbys. Who doesn't love flowers?

I know a couple of people.

Nevertheless! I work with flowers professionally, being a gardener, and so every once and a while I get some free ones. So, becuase I am becoming indoctrinated to love flowers, I made myself a garden.

Why am I telling you this? I don't know. It doesn't relate to blacksmithing per se, but, if you want to know why I am writing it on my blog, check out the very first post. That might shed some light on the entire understanding of my blogging system.

So, I made a garden one day after work. I came home, selected some old boards from the recently replaced deck, and cut them each to roughly 43 1/2 " long. Why the wierd length? I don't know. I'm eccentric.

So, I nailed them together, and filled it with dirt. Then, I took my two Calibrachoa and my one Geranium and set to planting. I like the color contrast with the rusty metal and brown dirt, and I think it adds a certain flair to my smithy!

 Red Wine calibrachoa (million bells for the uninitiated) adds a debonair flair to the landscape.
Scarlet geranium. Geraniums are gross, no matter what way you decide to slice it.
Blogger has taken to loving to flip my pictures. Anyone know how to fix it?
More to come!