Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Today at work all of the presidential helicopters were flying by, escorted by military helicopters. As I saw the convoy, I couldn't help hope for some spare change in order to buy some good coal. However, all I got was this leaflet from the EPA citing me for polluting the atmosphere. Go figure!

Why did the blacksmith drink ten beers?

                           ...to get HAMMERED!

What did the blacksmith say when he finished his wall hook fastener?

                           ...Nailed it!

A prominant blacksmith was making a huge iron gate for a demonstration. When he was finished, he shouted "HOW DO YOU LIKE IT, FOLKS?"
The man closest to him replied, "What're you Yellin for? I'm right here!"

Why did the blacksmith make a pot of Earl Grey and lock it in a bullet proof case just as he arrived at his shop?

...Safe Tea First!

Alright folks, laugh it up. Meanwhile, I am out of comission for a few days as I lose all of my pearls of wisdom by the evil oral surgeon. When I am back, I will commence forging, and smithing related posts.

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