Monday, July 15, 2013

It's a shame. A DARN SHAME!

"What is so shameful?" asked you.
"Why, how can you not know? You are not an ignorant buffoon, are you?" Answers I.
"Why, not at all! How dare you suggest!" You reply, thoroughly flustered.
"But Sir/Madam, it was only a mere question!" I protest. Seeing that you have picked up a chair and are perchance about to hurl it in my general vicinity, I duck behind the couch.
"Madam/Sir! I only meant it as rhetorical! I believe that you are quite intelligent! If you let me live, I'll tell you what is so shameful!" I whimper from behind the couch. *CRASH* The chair has just liberated the unfortunate little being that you might call a puppy from the room adjacent us, merely by poking a small (by that I mean huge) hole in the drywall not two feet from my head.
"Simmer down, my good reader, simmer down. I want you nice and calm while I rile you up again with more talking." I say soothingly.
Now that you are calm, as well as I, I will tell you what is such a darn shame.

I Forge Iron. That's what. Not the website itself, but rather, that it has been taken off the Internet.
You see, (and you can get the same story at the site: somebody didn't like being blocked from the website. Why they were blocked, I don't know. Perhaps they violated the rules. At any rate, the blocked party decided to take their grumpiness out on all of us blacksmiths, by killing the best conglomeration of knowledge available. Let's give the noble men who run the website our support, prayers, and coffee (read the link) as they work with the law to get their site reestablished. If I were not a broke college student, I would donate. This is like when you donate to classical music stations. Its a good thing to do, though you don't know anyone doing it.

So, let's help them get the website back online.

And, let's not let it crush our spirits.

Now I need to find that puppy...He's gotta be around here somewhere. Since you broke the wall, would you help me find him?

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