Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Feathers in the Wind

   Oh boy did it feel great to get out in the shop yesterday! I almost wasn't able to, for reasons which I will not disclose in this sentence.
The reason why I almost didn't get into the shop was because of my back. I wrenched it our on Saturday while being stupid and trying to free a Railroad Spike from a stump. The next day I was in a lot of pain, so on Monday morning I went to the Chiropractor, and with three cracks of my back I was a new man! There is still some residual pain, but I'm going to work through it and hope it gets better.

Thus, Monday afternoon I was firing up my forge!

I had to get everything out of storage, which took a good hour. But, after striking a match (proverbially, since I used a lighter) I was glad to be back in the saddle (figuratively, in this case).
My first project was one from the book that I was given by my friend Eva (pictures to come later, when lazy ole' Patrick decides to take one.) She painted a nice cover onto a nicely bound book, and filled it with some of her designs. She seems to be a natural, considering she has never worked with metal. Nevertheless, she's got a good eye for design.

I made a small, lightweight feather pendant, which marks my entrance into the realm of jewelry-making!
 The feather pendant is a lovely piece of finely forged and hand-marked work.
 Hopefully I can get the technique down so that I can begin production work with them. I think I'll be making leaf pendants, heart pendants and whatever else I can come up with.
 Manly enough even for me to wear, yet adds a certain flair for feminine wear.
 You could probably stab someone with it, if you really needed to. But let's keep it for decoration only, please.
 I only wire brushed this one, and need to get some clear coat on it. Some rust has already settled in the grooves.

My second project, which was nearly completed (I was actually in the final stages of it when I received a phone call from my friends in Pennsylvania! A welcome distraction, even if I failed to finish the square punch). Here is the square hole punch, a little over 1/8" square. It is made out of coil spring, and it is the first coil spring tool I have made. Tomorrow morning, early, I will be back out there finishing it and a few other tools.

There! That's my first day of forging on spring break! Today I did not get to the shop, a deluge of rain delayed my forging!
Nevertheless, I'll be back out tomorrow! Look for more postings by the end of the week!

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