Monday, February 11, 2013

I am hooked

    It is a beautiful day here in Steel Valley. Even though it is mid-February, the temperature is peaking around 65 degrees, with a brisk southern wind blowing the fresh air up from down south. (Consequently it also is blowing the smog from the coal power plant away.) Days like today make studying hard, and make meandering all the more appealing. However, studies must be done. That's life. Sacrifice the good days now so that I can do well and make myself successful.

The fading snow opened up a good opportunity for me to take a photo shoot with my friend and photographer Eva, and we finally snapped some good shots of the twin hooks that I made a while back. (check out the original post here.) The finish is just a simple acid bath and then wire wheel finish, leaving the bare steel look. We took these photos in the evening twilight, just as the sun set on the cliff overlooking the river.
Here is another hook that I forged. It is a drive hook with an octagonal twist and flat taper.
My plans for the coming weeks is to do my homework so that free time becomes available, and then I hope to get started in non-ferrous metalwork. I want to forge copper hooks and rings, which will be quite fun from what I have read. It is apparently like forging with bubble gum instead of metal. We'll see, and I will keep you posted on whether or not it is like forging bubble gum.
Ridgeway Forge Blacksmith Company
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