Friday, February 8, 2013

A batch of sharp things

    The long awaited, much talked about letter knives are finally here! I promised and promised to post about them, and now I finally am!

Before I get to the pictures, however, I am going to tell you why I call them letter knives. (or, if you are one of those people who skips the prologue and gets right to the first pictures in a Dr. Seuss book, go ahead and scroll down.)
Most people call these things letter openers. But if you really think about it, my fingers are letter openers. And so are my friends. They open letters. In fact, the United States Postal service sometimes accidentally opens my letters, and the FBI sometimes intercepts and opens people's (not my.) letters.

So now you see, this term "letter opener" is so incredibly boring, overused and vague that I cannot stand it! Now, take out your dictionary and look up the word "knife". (actually don't. I've taken that liberty here: Knife. Noun. an instrument for cutting, consisting essentially of a thin, sharp-edged, metal blade fitted with a handle. ) ( is my source)

So, I claim that these are knives. Their purpose is to cleave through the glue binding on the back of your letter, letting you delve into the sweetly perfumed purple-inked love letter with all the "i"s dotted with little hearts. (More accurately though, you'll find bills from utility companies, credit card companies, repair companies, and random other charities)

So, my thin, sharp-edged instrument of cleaving is to be called a knife. And, I have intended them to be used for letters, hence the name letter knives!

Starting from the top down, here are the finials on the letter openers:
The three letter knives:
Two of the blades, sharpened to a rough grind and loosely finished.
They look beautiful, just sitting in the snow!
The leftmost knife is unique in that it is a clip knife:
These knives are made from A36 hot roll steel. I used 3/8" square, which made a nice size for these. They are a bit miniature for letter openers, but are ergonomic and functional.
These are on sale now on my facebook page:
Let me know what you think, dear readers!

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