Saturday, January 12, 2013

Forging while distrac-flutterby

    Today I was forging. (Big surprise, I know.) However, I was really rather distracted. I have been packing for my return trip to my sometimes home at school. So, my mind was wandering a little bit today on my work.

I am here to tell you about how terrible of an idea that is.

Blacksmithing is an art that engages both sides of the brain. Additionally, it is dangerous and complex, and require complete concentration. I burned my steel, heated a punch (1060) too quickly causing it to crack, and did who knows how many little errors. I would urge you all, aspiring smiths and weathered veterans alike, please slow down, and don't forge while distracted or tired. All you'll do is cause yourself pain and frustration. I could have learned a lot more had I slept enough and been concentrating.

Bear with me over the next few weeks. There may not be too many posts. Also, Ridgeway Forge Co. is not accepting orders for products starting two weeks from now, until further notice. However, if you want to back order an item let me know. I'm always happy to serve my devoted readers and esteemed customers.

Well, I can only promise one thing: Big things are happening. They will be exciting and beautiful as they track my progress as a smith, and I hope you'll keep reading, and I welcome any input on how I can improve my blog!

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