Wednesday, December 19, 2012

I caved...

     There are very few things that I am adamant about. Very few. (at least when it comes to forging. In other areas of my life I am like a boulder.) But of the few things I promised myself time and time again was that I would never, ever, make myself a knife out of a Railroad Spike. In my mind, I would not conform to the classic newbie bladesmith fallback, but would rise above it. (Besides, I don't like forging knives anyways. I prefer not to make weapons, but rather tools. Its and ideological thing.)

Anyways, (before I carry you, dear reader, away on some tangential journey due to my heavy use of parenthetical statements!) here is the glorious broken vow.

The knife!
More views of it!

That's my touchmark on it- Just a simple little circle    O
I must confess- This was really fun! It was a good challenge for me, having never shaped a blade before, and I think it gave me good practice working with thin stock on edge. I may well do another one, and I would like to make all of you, my good and gracious readers (provided you have lived long enough to make it this far on my parentheses-encrusted blog), an offer. I would like to sell these knives, as bragging-rights and display knives, for only $40 plus shipping. (Rest assured, the money I make will be going to the program I mentioned in the post below this- The Boy Scout Merit Badge.  Interested parties need only send me an e-mail @ I hope you have enjoyed viewing this as much as I have enjoyed making it! I am not done, however, as I still have to polish, grind, soak in vinegar (pickled knives are a Maryland delicacy!) and wire-wheel it. Maybe some file work, too. Depends on how creative I get. And how much time I have until I can get some more coal....Regardless, happy hammering!


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  1. Well, that railroad knife looks pretty good now-but maybe later, could you post a picture of it finished (sharped)? That would be cool to see.